Monday, October 7, 2013

Hut one, Hut two, I've got a Charleston Chew (just in case you didn't understand my subject reference last time)

Howdy family!

There have been a lot of crazy things going on in the last few days. I'm allowed to email you today because today is kind of like a P-day for me for packing reasons. I want to tell you all that has happened in the last few days because I know that I'll forget about it by the time I get to the field.

First, I would like to talk about General Conference. Wasn't it great? One of my favorite talks was by Elder Bednar. I know he was really focusing on tithing, but I got so much else out of it! The biggest thing is that God does not always bless us by handing over solutions to our problems. When we are faithful and diligent, Heavenly Father blesses us with increased ability to do His will. He blesses us with more determination to read the scriptures, serve others, and seek for the things that he commanded us to do. This helps us to grow. God provides a way for us to become agents unto ourselves by empowering us. He directs us, sustains us, and rewards us. If we are faithful and diligent, we can accomplish those things that he has commanded.

One thing that I have been thinking a lot from the past week is that Lehi was commanded to depart into the wilderness. That must have been just as scary as the other option, staying in Jerusalem and being taken captive into Babylon. Lehi chose to obey either way. He and his son Nephi knew that God had inspired and commanded them to depart Jerusalem. For them, there wasn't any question about what they were supposed to do. They left all comfort and safety to follow the directions of their God. They were rewarded for their faith. They were led to a land of promise. They saw the mighty hand of God in their deliverance. They were also all made strong so that they could bear the challenges put on them in the wilderness. In the end, though, they had to work. They had to exercise their faith with toil. The Lord would bless them, but they had to trust in Him through action.

There is a lot else that I would love to say to you all. I will try to tell you everything else when I talk to you on the phone tomorrow. :D I love you all so so so so much! I've got to go.

Love, Elder Parker Ayer

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