Monday, March 3, 2014

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Dear family,

This week was a joyful week. Lots of good things happened. Here is a brief recap on some satisfying things: achieving goals, witnessing people change, being spiritually reassured of what you know to be true, developing friendships, and having fun. Those are things that make me happy! [Elder Lyman has pointed out how we do a lot of forced laughter when people tell us things they think are funny. In contrast, these things make me happy enough to give a genuine Parker-type chuckle. :D ]

First off, we set a goal this week to have 4 lessons with members present. We also made a goal to have 3 other lessons. This was a stretch for us in this area and with our teaching pool and our walking situation. I really wasn't sure if we could do it. However, we pushed ourselves, and by the end of the week we had accomplished all that the Spirit had told us we could do. What a great feeling! We still had cancellations, but we were able to overcome those with determination. It just feels so good. This is the point when Mom would say, now doesn't that just make you feel good to look back and see what you did? Yes, it does! You'll be happy to know that I'm beginning to understand the principle of planning and goal setting. You'll also be happy to know that my skin begins to crawl when I see dishes in the sink, dishes on the counter, clean dishes in the dishwasher, or anywhere else that dishes aren't supposed to sit happily waiting their usage. I also attack the microwave and stove with a vengeance when it starts looking grimy. :D

Anyway, enough about that. It is such a blessing to see people beginning to change. Mary has experienced a softening of her heart. Our prayers have been answered. We got her a large print Book of Mormon and she says that she will finish it in a few days. Once she receives an answer, she will be baptized. We are teaching a 14-year-old girl, Lucila, who is the daughter of a less active member, but knows nothing about God or religion. She is fairly interested and willing to do what it takes to find out about God and His restored Church. We are also teaching a man named Ron, his ex-wife Crystal, and their son Aaron. Ron says he knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that Christ's Church has been restored. He does have a smoking problem and concerns about tithing. He has also committed a serious crime. They are a good family. We are also teaching an 89-year-old Baptist Sunday School teacher, named Glenn, who has been familiar with Church members all his life. He likes how we live and what we teach. He agreed to be baptized if he receives a witness from God. The only things holding him back are his obligations to his church and family. His dead wife and son are buried next to his Baptist church.

Sorry, that was the Reader's Digest version, but great things are happening! Yesterday Elder Lyman fasted together to be strengthened in our testimonies. I feel very confident in saying that Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith is his prophet, the Book of Mormon is Christ's word, and Christ's priesthood power has been restored to the earth. What a blessed knowledge!

I love you all. Sorry this was short. May the love you feel be long lasting. :D

Love, Elder Parker Ayer

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