Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I love Brasil!

Dear concerned kin,

Yes, I did make it safely to Brasil. I made it! Yippeeeeee!

Alright, on to the business. Last Tuesday was great. I drove up with the Zone Leaders from Roanoke, VA to Charleston, WV where I got to participate in the Mission Leadership Council. It was such a great experience. I loved it so much! It was the perfect ending to the perfect stint serving in the US. Anyway, I stayed the night with the zone leaders in Charleston. The next morning we did service, painting pots. It was fun and real cool. Then I flew out from Charleston. So funny. The Charleston airport is tiny, and it probably took me less than 10 minutes to get through security. Anyway, my flight was delayed. At Atlanta, I ran and barely made it in time for my connecting flight to Brasil. Everyone on the plane spoke Portuguese. I was the odd man out. Well, I kinda spoke Portuguese. Anyway, I sat next to this lady who immediately starting talking to me and complaining about her experience in the airport. Then she warned me about how terrible Brasil is. Then she told me that she was a less-active member of the Church. I think I had this idea in my mind that everyone in Brasil was Mormon. Not so. Apparently not even 1 percent of the population is Mormon. Fun fact. Anyway, I asked if she had a Book of Mormon, and she said that she didn't, so I gave her my copy. We got to the airport and everything was crazy. It took about 30 to 40 minutes to get through customs. When I got out, I waited for another half an hour until someone with an LDS Church sign came up to me and told me to go with him (in Portuguese). He told me to also do a money exchange, but stupid me. I only had 11 dollars in cash and that wasn't enough to exchange for reais. Anyway, He drove me in his car to the Provo MTC. Everyone had gotten there the day earlier and I was the odd man out and everyone kept asking me if I was the one who arrived late and why I arrived late. Anyway, it was great. I got straight to work. The Portuguese is coming along great. We proselyted in the street the other day in Sao Paulo. It was awesome! We gave out 8 copies of the BOok of Mormon, and we were able to talk so well with everyone. One lady said that she will remember us forever. Anyway, I have to go. Surpirse, I get to talk to you on Mother's Day for 15 minutes through skype (no video only sound). Surprise. I thought I would have more time, but I got a bazillion emails to read. I love you all! Talk to you for 15 minutes on Sunday!

Love, Elder Parker Ayer

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