Monday, June 16, 2014

Another wonderful flag day

Dear Family,

This email might be a little short. I spent a good amount of time trying to upload a video to the email. It turns out that the video is 1.3 GB and much too big to attach or upload. Anyway, the video shows me being a little goofy, laughing and smiling, saying things like "I love you," and being a very Parker-y missionary who loves his family. I hope that that makes up for the obvious lack of video. I love you!!!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, FATHER!!! You are a great example to me. Thank you for the encouraging words. They really do help. I refelct on your missionary stories often as a source of strength.

Also, HAPPY FLAG DAY!!! Boy, this one was great. Actually, this is probably the best time for flag day in Brasil. During the world cup, people are patriotic here. People love football here, closely followed by God and family. Everyone has a flag hanging outside their house, hanging from their car, on their shirt, etc. The cup of the world really is super crazy. We aren't allowed to watch the games, but we see a lot of them just because all of the little stores have the games playing on a giant big screen tv. Everyone is fixated on those screens. When Brazil plays, we have to stay inside our apartment. They've only played once so far. During the game, we knew everytime Brazil scored because the entire world went crazy. Vuvuzelas, fireworks, cheers, screams, pounding, etc. It is very exciting, and makes for a good talking point when we start up a conversation with someone. The next jogo is tomorrow during my birthday! It looks like all of Brazil will be having a party just for me. :D

The work here has been going well. We keep seeing miracles. We keep being led to the people that are prepared to receive the gospel, the meek and humble who really want to seek out the truth. It is very good. We have one investiagtor right now named Wagner who is preparing for baptism. He really wants to learn English, too, which becomes a bit of a problem during lessons because he starts translating everything that we say into English and then looks at me for confirmation. It's a little funny, but really distracting, too, because I can't switch easily from English to Portuguese and back again.

Everything is going well! I am super happy to be here. I have been studying faith and how we can work miracles through our faith in the Lord. Be faithful. Seek out the promises of the Lord. Do all you can to fulfill the promises so that He can bless you. Rinse and Repeat. Sorry, everything serious has to be followed by something goofy. I better kick this before I turn 20!

I love you all! Have some yummy breakfast on my birthday. I'll be eating corn starch mash. :D (it's good, albeit strange) I love you!

Love, Elder Parker Ayer

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