Monday, July 21, 2014

Faith, Promises, and Covenants

Dear Family,

This was very big week for me. It was one of the best weeks of my mission. Let me quickly expain, no, let me sum up.

The baptism of Lia happened this week. She is the young lady I mentioned who came up to us in the street one day and asked to meet with us. She is also the one who I taught about the woman at the well and being made whole through the living waters and the fountain of life. This week was a miracle. She left today to travel to her mom's house for vacation. We really wanted to baptize and confirm her before she left. She made a lot of rapid and surprising progress during the week that made her ready for baptism on Saturday. It was a great tender mercy for me as well. She really is my investigator to be baptized. I was there when she was found and taught. I received revelation to teach her. I had her in my prayers. Finally, I had the great privilege of going into the water with her to perform the sacred ordinance. It was a special occasion. It was made more special for me when I realized that this was the very weekend, a year ago, that I received sacred covenants in the temple. It is a miracle. And today is the day that Grandpa Ayer passed away. I know that he and others have been guiding me on the other side of the veil to find, teach, and baptize people while enduring the rigors of the work. It is a great blessing. I know that Christ lives. I know that we can return to our Heavenly Father because of Him. I know that we will be prepared for that return through the Holy Spirit. I know this power of the spirit is real. I felt it flow through me as my companion and I laid hands on Lia's head and told her to receive the Holy Ghost. This power is real. THis work is real. Lay aside every corruptible thing and grasp those things of eternal and incorruptible weight and significance. You can find these things through the words of the prophets. I wanted to say more about faith and promises, but I don't have time. Know that a servant of God can give us no greater gift than the promise of the Lord. Begin to recognize His promises and have the faith to do the basics.

Love, Elder Ayer

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