Monday, October 27, 2014

All the Monkeys Arent in the Zoo...

Dear Family,

Today will be hard to write because the keys on this keyboard are super sticky, and my fingers are already dead. anyway, on with the good stuff! (please excuse the typos today!)

Wednesday we had zone meeting in Barra Mansa (about an hour away). Afterwards, I had to stay behind as I was responsible for pickng up the materials for my district. I watched as two other elders fought over all of the pamphlets and stuff. After a while someone said that I hadn~t picked up anything yet, and they decided to give some materials to me. As they were packing those away, I quietly snuck all the Book of Mormons that we needed. Then one of the sister leader trainers came in and starting demanding Book of Mormons from everyone, and wasn~t willing to share with anyone else. I was getting a little frustrated with everything an said something rude-ish to her. Then I stepped back, took a deep breath, realized how ridiculous we all looked as missionaries fighting over the Book of Mormon, and tried to laugh it off. But seriously, if the world knew what we know about the Book of Mormon, they would be fighting over it too!

This last week we saw some litle monkeys outside of our window. We fed them bananas. i have the movie on my camera for after the mission. We tried to lure the monkey in t our house. we succeeded fter a little bit, but he ran away. There were about 3 grown mnkeys and 2 babies on their backs. it was pretty sweet!

We were preparing Ellasandra to be baptized this last week. We had a cool leson when she told us that she was feeling a prompting from God that she needed to be baptized. It was super funny hwen we taught her the word of wisdom. we explained the law, and she made a face like she wasnt too sure about what we said. Then she surprised us by saying, -I dont even drink coffee! It was a relief for us and we started laughing. It was a great moment. We marked the baptismal interview for Saturday, but couldn~t find her anywhere that day. We spent the whole day trying to track her down, lookng in the store, hospital, and even the church she used to go to! (universal church) We were dead tired by the end of the day, and ew had just about gone crazy. every corner we turned we expected to see her face there. I am just glad that we showed our diligence in lookng for Gods lost sheep. We went back last night to her house and found out that she wasnt feeling too well saturday. She still wants to be baptized, we~re excited, and were going to help her be more prepared thaan she was before to be baptized.

We found a 30 year old man that might be identified with Fred Randall. His name is Diogo, but he also lives with his parents and isnt quite the full grown man his age says he is. Fortunately, his is listening to the spirit. Yesterday he told us that he prayed for the first time in his life and felt like his is prepared to be baptized. It was a very cool moment. He will be baptized next sunday. I like ginog to his house because his mom is really nice and reminds me of Aunt (ant) Dee.

Last night we started walking home when it started raining, no downpouring, no sending forth shafts in the whirlwind. Well, it was rough. There were noah-ish rains tumbling down and noah-ish floodas coming up. Unfortunately, I had m nice suit pants on with my nice silk men~s wearhouse tie. In any case, it was a lot of fun.    

We need to have our foundation in christ for moments like these. When we have days looking for one person in vain, we need to remember why e are looking. It isnt in vain. We are serving the god of heaven and earth. We must give ear to his words. We can serve the king of kings by searching his truths, or we can falsely imagine ourselves to be the god of heaven and earth by determining what we want as truth. We must receive the truth of god to be saved ultimately. OUr own false perception of things will bring damnation. These words are meant to be for a recent convert who i met yesterday, but you get them today. :D I hope that you all seek out the truth that cannot be changed or adapted to our own selfish desires. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet who received all the keys of the kingdom of heaven and passed them on to the other presidents of this great Restored Church. I love you all!

Love, Elder Parker Ayer4

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