Monday, December 29, 2014

Isn´t It Weird That It Will be 2015?

Dear family,

Yes, Sarah, that subject line was just for you. After the Skype call the other day, I just kept on smiling to myself at random times during the day all of a sudden because I remembered some sort of silly thing from the call. Well, the goofy family jokes just keep coming back to mind. The sugar cone family is full of ziggidy zags and hippity hops and all sorts of things that you don´t know!

Anyway, let me sum up the week. Elder Pereira who lives in our house has been sick this last week. To cut to the thick of it, he has a hemorroid. Unfortunately some crazy astronaut stole all of our hemorroid creme and served it as microwave heated space food, so he´s been suffering quite a bit. hahaha But seriously, I had to do divisions with him and his companion so that we could work in my area and his area and help their investigator be ready for baptism this week. Fortunately, Antonio was baptized. Unfortunately, h missed church yesterday and was nt confirmed. Unfortunately as well, Elder Barbosa had to stay inside most of the time with our invalid. That means that he spent a few days just dwelling on his family and home and his call that he would make, and afterwords the call that he did make, to them. He didn´t get to do much work, work, work which is the answer to all of the ills as a missionary. Yesterday he confided in me that he almost called home to President to ask to be sent home. My heart just about broke. I really do want to be able to help him stay firm in the mission and firm in the Church. If you have any ideas please send them to me. I will also be asking for ideas from Heavenly Father. THank you for all the advice yall gave me the other day as well.

Anyway, this past week we were able to teach relatively well. Christmas Eve was a race as we taught 8 lessons, 1 being on the cmpletely other side of the city. The rest of the week was a little bit more difficult. OUr investigators want to be baptized felizmente. Unfortunately, Claudia is battling an addiction with smoking. Gleice isn´t very happy with us because of scheduling problems. Fernando and Monica are a little lazy at getting to church. The thing is that all of these people have rceived powerul witnesses of the truth and want to be baptized, but have issues that are getting in the way right now. We are going to keep praying and hoping and pleading and working so that we can bring about a marvelous work and a wonder in their lives.

I love you all so much! I hope that you look forward to our next Christmas together, as you know I am. It´s almost already 2015 and my mission has just gotten going. Fiquem firmes e fortes!

Com amor sem fim, Elder Parker Ayer

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