Monday, January 12, 2015

Choice and Accountability

Dear family,

This week has been a rollercoaster of events. The rollercoaster is only as stable as my companion´s physical and emotional health. Therefore, this rollercoaster is the kind that would make Dad queasy. In this instance, like Dad, I would prefer a nice innertube ride on the lazy river. That´s not to say that I would like to be lazy, but that I would like to a little bit more stable. Anyway, this metaphor should be self-explanatory.

Anyway, Monday after emails we went out and I used the money I had to buy some Christmas gifts for all of you. I hope that you all like Brazilian mustard, hahaha. Just kidding! I have some surprises for al of you, and I hope that you like them. If there are some things that you want in particular, please send the pedidos. Also, my debit card died, so it would be great if you could send the new and improved one! I know I said a few emails ago that I wouldn´t need it, but now I need it.

Tuesday was transfers. Eler Pereira foi embora from our house and the rest of us stayed in a trio for the day. At the end of the night, we were returning and had to walk right through the middle of a fulia. Fulia is something that Brazilians start doing around Carnaval time which consists of a bunch of people banging drumbs in African dance costumes with really scary masks. It was a little unnerving. Helaman 13:37 was running through my head. We got out of there rill fast. That night, Elder Coiti arrived. He is a missionary with a lot more time on the mission than me he is known to have some obedience and dilligence issues. I am in for a rough ride this transfer.

This week we were following up a lot with Glayce, Rosangela, and Rosiane who were baptized this last week. They were getting really excited to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was awesome because Glayce had a dream of her friend´s family (who she hadn´t seen in a year) being baptized. The next day, her friend showed up in her house because she was in town visiting her family. A few minutes later, we arrived! It was really cool because the friend has already talked to missionaries before and has a Book of Mormon. We talked a little bit with her, and will try to get smething worked out so that we can help fulfill the dream Glayce had. The three of them were confirmed on Sunday. The only difficulty we had was getting Rosangela and Rosiane to church. We called them in the morning to make sure they could get to church on their own. They didn´t answer. That worried us. We decided to go to their house. We had to wake them and wait for them. We only made it to Church after the second hour, just in time for sacrament meeting. It was a blessing that everything turned out right.

This last week was really rough for Elder Barbosa. We had a comp study. I was getting on his tail a little bit because I have been talking so much to him about effective study and he is still doing the same thing. When I ask him a question to apply our studies, he gives me a pouty look and says that he doesn´t know the answer because he´s a new missionary. Anyway, at the end of the study, I asked him to say the prayer. He started crying as soon as he said Dear Heavenly Father. We were on our knees for a few minutes as he was crying. After, we talked a little bit and gave him a blessing. It helped. The blessing is that he is getting daily grace from the Lord, but the problem is that he doesn´t seem to be seeking a change that will help him in the long run. Anyway, the problems only increase when his physical problems are added on top of everything. He has been sick the last three days with puking and diarrhea. Sister Cascardi said to wait until today to go to the hospital, so today we´re going to get him checked out. I hope that they can help him so that he doesn´t spiral down in a cycle of bad physical and emotional health. You have to take care of your body and mind!

SOmething I have been thinking a lot about this week is accountability for our actions. OUr investigators don´t understand personal responsibility very well. We are trying to help them. This principle also helps a lot in the missionary work itself. I love especially Doctrine and Covenants 58:26-33. We must responsible. If we don´t understand the reality of this personal resposibility, we will be very sad in the day when all of must stand accountable for what we have done in this life. When I feel like God has put His trust in me to do His work, I go about doing good, and doing the most good that I can. I hope that you will all feel this responsibility and seek to choose that which is necessary for us t do in this life.

I love you all. I am glad to hear the Grandpa is improving. Thank you for keeping me in the loop, but not telling me all of details. I know that through prayer and faith the right outcome will be brought to pass. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

With love, Elder Parker Ayer

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