Monday, March 30, 2015

Because HE Lives

Dear family,

HAPPY 54th BIRTHDAY DADDY DEAREST!!!  Dad, you really are such a great example to me.  Thank you for your wonderful service to our family and the life you have lived in serving Christ and seeking eternal life.  You are beloved.  I was thinking about your great example this last week. I realized that in your mission you had an option of whether to end your mission at a year and a half or to serve for the full two years.  During this last week I was having a lot of thoughts about which choice I would make.  I only have four months left.  I think all the more of you for seeking to serve in the way that Heavenly Father inspired you to serve, serving more than you had to in order to serve honorably.  I will be diligent in these last four months as I seek to consecrate all of my efforts in the service of the Lord.

Well, this last week went great.  Elder Fraga and I are getting along well.  We were actually getting along great!  We had interviews this last week with President Cascardi.  I felt like I needed to tell him of the problems that we had before and how we had resolved them.  I made sure to tell him that everything was going great with us.  That´s why it came as a great shock today to hear about the transfers.  I will be staying here in Três Corações and Elder Fraga will be spending his last five weeks of the mission in Juiz de Fora as the companion of a district leader.  I know that this might sound normal to state missionaries, but here this is quite unusual.  He wasn´t too happy about that, so I am doing an exchange today with the Argentine missionary from Neuquen, Elder Sepulveda.

I really did love the opportunity to spend time with President and Sister Cascardi again on Tuesday.  It is always such a blessing to be able to talk to them, feel their warmth, and feel more and more love for them.  They are great valiant examples of faithful saints.  I got the opportunity in particular to talk to Sister Cascardi and show her pictures of my family.  I found out that she is very good friends with the President and his wife who watch over the Londrina Mission where Brittany is serving.  I am sure that they love Brittany there.

On Tuesday night we went to a lesson with Luma, the 17-year-old daughter of a 20-years-less-active woman.  When we got there, the mom, Cristiane, told us that Luma wanted to ´virar Mórmon´.  We looked to Luma and she happily explained that she felt so good when we went to her house and she felt as though we had been sent at the right time to find her and share the gospel with her.  The gospel is such a blessing.  This miracle is happening in many of the lives of our beloved investigators.

Quick thoughts with little time...

Watch the new video Because HE Lives and then read 1 Ne 19.  When I saw it the phrase `the God of nature suffers´came to my mind.

I love you all!  Read the Book of Mormon.  Treasure it in your hearts!

With great love, Elder Parker Alan Ayer

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