Monday, June 15, 2015

The Last Transfer

Dear family,

The subject line says it all.  This is the last transfer.  The last six weeks.  We found out today about the transfer.  Elder Goes, my good friend, will be staying here in Ubá.  We go home at the same time, so one of us had to be transferred out of the area this transfer so that next transfer the area didn´t get without missionaries.  That sentence really didn´t make sense in English, but I hope you can figure it out.  Anyway, I am being transferred to an area called Grajaú.  It´s a ward in Juiz de Fora.  Elder Kenning was serving there when I was in Manchester.  Apparently it´s a challenging area and I don´t know anything about my companion.  I am sad to be leaving Ubá after one transfer, but I am happy to be going back to Juiz de Fora.  I also think that this last situation will give me enough of a spiritual, mental, and physical challenge to keep me focused until the very end.  This is me being positive.  Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatizar!

This last week was a good one.  On Monday we headed over to Cataguases.  Elder Goes served in the city like 9 months ago.  We already had to do an exchange there, so we decided to pass p-day there with Elder Goes´s recent convert.  It was a good time.  On Tuesday we ate huge, delicious brownies at a restaurant owned by his recent convert.  What saudades de brownies!  Anyway, we all did exchanges on Wednesday and Thursday, but this time the other areas came to our area.  I got to exchange with Elder Kenning on Thursday, and it was great.  It was good to work with him again.

I am sorry, but I really can´t think clearly today.  My mind is all caught up by what is going to happen this last transfer.  This last week was good, but I am not remembering anything.

Let me tell you that the most important thing that we can do is seek to have the Spirit with us.  It is not Heavenly Father´s intent to chastise us.  He wants the best for us.  That´s why He gives us directions and instructions.  If we abide by these instructions, we will be blessed.  Let us have a determination to not withdraw ourselves from His presence.  Let´s be determined to not wander purposefully or mindlessly from His dwelling place.  We must be involved with the business that is realized within His home.  If we go about seeking to build up His kingdom, we will never be found outside of His kingdom and the reach of His mercy, love, and enabling power.  Seek to love those who are closest to you.  That means physically.  If you are suffering something, it is the time to look around and wonder what are the hidden difficulties of others.

I love you all.  Sorry for the lack of of letter.  Be strong and do what is right.  Also, I will be very happy to come home and eat cake with you all.

Your wayfarin´ stranger in a strange land,
Elder Parker Ayer

P.S.  Neide´s family moved to the Bahia without saying goodbye to us.  They couldn´t pay their rent, so the government payed for them to return to their home city.

P.P.S.  This last transfer, I will be repeating the conversation between Sam and Frodo.  ´Think of the [New Hamp]Shire.´  It wasn´t trunky for them, just gave them good reasons to fight until the end and get home already.  I love you!

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