Monday, July 20, 2015

One Week More, Bring Him Home, Tell the World I´m Going Home, Home Home Where I Wanted to Roam...

Dear family,

This is officially my last email home as a full-time missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  That is a daunting thought, but the reality is upon us.  Obviously, I am very happy about some things, sad about other things, and completely anxious.  That is, anxious in a good cause.  :D  There were lots of wonderful things this last week that happened that I will try to relate to you in a few words.

On Monday we had a family home evening with Flavia that was just great.  We talked about the temple.  She has already had several dreams about the temple and lots of good feelings.  She just doesn´t understand why she has to wait a year to be able to go and enter into the whole temple.  She is very sweet and sincere.  I am so glad that she is looking towards the temple.  Tuesday we did exchanges with the zone leaders from Manchester.  I obviously went to the Manchester area and got to visit some very beloved ward members from there.  There are so many good experiences that our dear Father blesses us with.  We also taught the Restoration to a woman whose 16-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy kept stroking my knee and hand telling me that I am lindo.  It was very funny.

This last week we have been struggling with Flavia´s daughter-in-law to let Flavia´s son be baptize in the church.  The problem is that she knows it´s all true because she loves to read the Book of Mormon, but she is scared of being rejected by her friends who are practically all Seventh Day Adventists.  We are praying for her heart to be changed and strengthened.  Also, Flavia passed the baptismal interview ja and will be baptized my last Saturday in the mission!  We worked a lot this week to help less actives and investigators go to church.  Many of them went to the Fest Julina on Saturday and then to church on Sunday.  It was so successful that there were 63 people in church on Sunday when the last few months it has been a steady 40!  It was a wonderful day.  All of the members were excited to see so many people in church.  I believe that the Lord has heard our prayers and is softening the hearts of the members.  We are very excited!

Well, I already have to go.  I am sorry that I didn´t get to write more.  It will make you all more anxious to see me on Wednesday!  I know that the Church and Book of Mormon are true.  Joseph Smith was a prophet.  Thomas S Monson is a prophet.  Jesus is the Christ.  I love you!

Love, Elder Parker Ayer

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